The production company Makers Lab is a veritable laboratory of art. Our repertoire consists of modern musicals.

In the span of three years, Makers Lab has astounded audiences with the popular musicals The Master and Margarita, Onegin’s Demon, and the musical family fairytale Monster. We are currently developing our new project – the stunning Letters to God: Oscar and the Lady in Pink, based on the novel of the French author and dramatist Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. For this production, half of our troupe will be comprised of deaf-mute actors.

Even more interesting plans are to follow… Makers Lab is the driving force behind the work on the feature-length MoCap motion technology film Faust and Margarita.

Irina Afansieva, the producer and conceptual founder of Makers Lab, expands on the secret of our success:

It is an internal tuning fork, which allows us to attune ourselves to the beginning of any artistic process. ‘The Russian soul confounds the mind. Immeasurable is she. Great potential flows through her – all that’s left is to believe’” (F. Tutchev).